Encrypt file mac disk utility

To start this encryption adventure, we need to start Disk Utility. So to recap, you can encrypt folders and protect files on your Mac if you.
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Obviously, make one you can remember.

Easy encryption with Disk Utility | Macworld

Read our full guide on creating a strong password if you need some inspiration. Encrypting your important files is a strong backup method, but also a great way to maintain your privacy.

Encryption software doesn't have to break the bank. Discover the best free encryption software on the market in Devin is a Content Marketing Specialist at G2 Crowd writing about data, analytics, and digital marketing.

Using Disk Utility

Prior to G2, he helped scale early-stage startups out of Chicago's booming tech scene. Outside of work, he enjoys watching his beloved Cubs, playing baseball, and gaming. Step 4 A pop-up window will require you to input your password twice. Name the locked disk image and click "Save".

Now you can delete the original folder. From then on, you can accees the folder from the locked disk image with password.

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How to Password-Protect A Folder on Mac

So far, You've eventually encrypted your folder into a locked disk image after these inconvenient and complicated operation. Hidata can password lock a folder with higher security level.

Once a folder is locked in Hidata, the Mac system won't be able to recognize the folder, thus the folder will be invisible from your Mac and no one can see the folder without password. Meanwhile, unlike password protecting folder with Disk Utility which is not user-friendly enough, Hidata comes with user-friendly interface , which lets you lock your folder by just tapping a few buttons. In the followings, I will give you a brief introduction for your reference. Open Hidata and create a password, with which you can lock your secret folders.

Mac OS X File Encryption

Also, enter a password hint that can remind you of the password. Without the password, you can't open Hidata and access the password protected folders inside it. Therefore, always remember the password that you created. Once the folder is added, the folder will immediatly disappear from its original location and is now password protected.

Tip : Or you can right click on the left column to make a password protected folder. Then add files into the secret folder.

Do not enable the Remember Password in my Keychain option. If you do, anyone sitting down at your computer can mount the image. Just drag files and folders to the mounted image to save them. Just create a new Automator workflow that uses an iCal alarm.

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Drag your mounted disk image to the first action. Configure the event to repeat every day at the time when you want the image to be ejected.

Creating the Image