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are you sure that the file is an actual Zip file as you will get this If the issue is actually a damaged zip file, the command line zip tool can try to repair it. You probably already have it on your Mac and a simple spotlight.
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Going by the guide at top we can see that we need to first type zip , then the option we want to preform from the list, then the path to the file. If you place the zip archive in your home folder, you can omit the path, as the home folder is the default place Terminal will look for the file. For this example I'll place the zip archive in my home folder, then I'll rename the archive to broke. This Terminal command is telling Terminal to target the archive named broke. If I hit return in this specific example, I will get a warning:.

Terminal is actually talking back to us now about our damaged archive.

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Terminal is telling us that it can see it is a mostly intact archive, that it is missing the end signature, and to try the -FF command to try and repair the archive. Terminal is now asking if this is a single-disk archive, meaning it is a complete archive and not part of a larger archive. Enter Y for yes and press return. Terminal will begin extracting what it can from the damaged archive and repack the files in a new archive that it is creating using the name of the archive you specified in the Terminal command.

How to Repair corrupted zip, rar and other archive files under 60 seconds

If you go to you home folder, there will be a new archive with the name that you specified in the Terminal command after the --out function. Losing files due to a corrupted archive can range from annoying to something potentially devastating depending on what they are. But as always, OS X offers up some very useful tools that, as I've demonstrated here, can really save the day.

Everything's Not Lost

Using Terminal to repair any damaged archive is a save first course of action if you ever find yourself unable to extract the archive. Save Now. Subscribe Sign In.

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Terminal's Zip Commands

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Repair Corrupted ZIP Files on Mac

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Zip Repair Pro will easily repair corrupt or damaged Zip files or Zip files that will not open.

I've got a. Essentially what the article says is that you can try with this command: zip -F myBrokenArchive. Jesper Jesper 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges. I had the same zip on another harddrive and that one didn't seem to be corrupted.

Top 10 ZIP File Recovery Software

So it's fixed anyway. But thanks for replying, I will use this in the future when I got a similar problem! Good to hear that! An uncorrupted zip file definitely beats a repaired one. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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