How to remote access computer mac

Remotely accessing a Mac is designed to be easy. Apple has spent a lot of time ensuring anyone can log in to their Macs — both desktop and.
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Share the screen of another Mac

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Another contractor who has a Mac and needs to access a different iMac on a daily basis. The first iMac might sometimes need to be accessed remotely by the second contractor and by Sandy. What to do? If this were an all-Mac situation and just you, it would be relatively easy: Set up a separate account for yourself and each other party.

Get started with Remote Desktop on Mac | Microsoft Docs

Enable Screen Sharing in the Sharing system preference pane. See how I presented the easiest case first? Log in to the macOS account you want to share. Launch Messages. Start a message session with the other person. Connect using the name: Click the Finder icon in the Dock to open a Finder window.

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In the Locations section of the sidebar, click Network, double-click the Mac you want to share, then click Share Screen. If no items appear in the Locations section of the sidebar, hold the pointer over the word Locations , then click Show. If both computers are logged in using the same Apple ID , the screen sharing session starts.

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  8. If someone else is already connected to the Mac as a remote user, a dialog asks if you want to share the display with the other remote user Share Display or log in concurrently using a different user name and screen Log In. On your Mac, start a screen sharing session with another Mac on your network. To decide which option you want, try each one by selecting it and then moving the pointer around in the window.

    For the best results, and if your Mac is connected to a fast network, view the screen at full size and show the screen at full quality. To unblock users, select them in the list and click the Remove button. With scaling off, the shared screen is displayed full size, and might require you to scroll to see everything on the shared screen. In Control Mode, you control the shared screen.

    How to access your Mac from another location

    Adaptive Quality: Use this option if your Mac is connected to a slower network. Adaptive quality adjusts depending on network speed. Full Quality: Use this option if your Mac is connected to a fast network and you want full resolution. Enter Full Screen: The screen sharing window expands to fill your screen.