Mac 2000 performance 2 manual

No part of this manual may be reproduced, in any form or by any means .. The MAC Performance is shipped in a 1 or 2 unit flight case that contains the.
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Press [Up] and [Down] to move within the menu. To select a function or submenu, press [Enter]. Page Readouts positions at a steady rate. Begin by selecting the alternative, MO d 2 , which is better if the intermediate positions stray significantly from the line of travel. The second parameter is the number of position updates used to calculate speed. Page Service Messages Select one fixture to be the reference fixture.

Martin MAC 2000 Performance II User Manual

Adjust the offset as necessary to align the beam with the reference beam. Press [Enter] to save the setting. Page 17 Figure Zoom calibration point 5 To calibrate the dimmer, select and press [Enter]. Set the offset to 0 and then increase it until light is clearly projected onto the paper.

The fixture has two DMX operating modes, 8-bit and bit.

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All other functions are identical. The complete DMX protocol begins on page Page Dimming And Strobe shaft, and which can be quickly changed. The gobo animation wheel pivots to allow horizontal, vertical, and angled effects, such as rising flames or windswept clouds. Via your DMX controller, you can control both the starting position of the animation disc and its rotation direction and speed. Page Speed Control To open the iris slowly in vector mode, you program the iris closed and open as before. Then you set the cross-fade time to 0 and program a slow speed, in the second scene, on the Effect Speed Channel.

Page Animation Guide D i r e c t i o n o f m o v e m e n t The flexible mounting system for the animation discs inside the MAC Performance II allow you, through DMX control, to position the wheel at any position through a 90 degree section of the disc. This means that effects can be produced with a horizontal movement - such as clouds, with a vertical movement - such as rising flames, or at any angle in between - such as driving rain.

The system has been designed so that refraction across the beam will give slight variants in color, adding depth to your animations, particularly when using multiple dichroic colors. Page Effects Ideas The ideas outlined here are intended as suggestions only. The precise look of any effect will depend on many factors including the focus setting of your MAC Performance II, the projection surface onto which the image is directed and any color mixing effects that you choose.

Page 26 With all water effects, it is possible to add an amount of cyan from the color mixing system, which will diffract to give both cyan and white color shifts as the image animates.

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Page 27 F i r e e f f e c t s The range of animation wheels available for the MAC Performance II is very versatile in producing fire and flame effects. Good results may be obtained from many of the designs together with any standard flame or fire gobo designs. Page 28 C l o u d s , r a i n a n d s n o w The versatility that you can achieve with the animation system of the MAC Performance II makes this an ideal tool for creating all sorts of weather effects.

Page 30 Gobo and one of the DHA 19 following Gobo Flicker wheel Adjusting the rotation speed of the animation wheel will give you a faster or slower 'flicker' effect depending on the speed of your train.

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Figure 11 shows the standard gobo configuration with the gobo positions marked. Open 1 - Dot breakup 5 - Flames 2 - Soft breakup Page 32 Custom stainless steel gobos can also be used, however they can warp, losing sharpness, in a matter of hours in the MAC Performance II. The useful life will depend on the gobo pattern and the projection cycle. The gobo can fall out if the spring is inserted backwards. Page Effect Wheel Effect wheel The effect wheel provides a variable frost filter and two positions for effects. The schedule depends heavily on the operating environment; please consult a Martin service technician for recommendations.


Refer all service not described here to a qualified Martin technician. Excessive dust, smoke fluid, and particulate buildup degrades performance and causes overheating and damage to the fixture that is not covered by the warranty. Page Software Installation R e q u i r e m e n t s The following are required in order to install software. To modify this use the control menu. A dd R 1 - 51 2 Full control with coarse pan, tilt, and gobo indexing. EF SP Reset fixture. Move away from optical path.

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AW AY Gobo animation wheel. Select speed of vertical movement left. VL 0 - 9 Gobo animation wheel.

Select speed of vertical movement right. There are two service messages.

Martin MAC 2000 Performance User Manual

Overheating is likely due to dirty air filters, fans, or air vents; incorrect power supply settings, or a defective fan. Service utilities Important! Enter must be held for several seconds to access the utilities menu.

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Test sequences provides a general test of all effects that can be run without a controller. Feedback toggles An on-the-fly position correction system monitors the gobo wheel, gobos, and effect wheel. If a position error is detected, the shutter closes while the effect resets. This feature can be disabled by turning effects feedback off. The off setting, however, is not saved and the system will be re-enabled the next time the fixture starts.

Adjustment The adjustment menu provides manual control for making mechanical adjustments. See page Calibration The calibration menu provides utilities to define offsets in software that are relative to the mechanical reset or home positions. This allows you to fine tune optical alignment and achieve uniform performance between fixtures.

Dimmer and zoom are calibrated to defined points. The other effects are calibrated relative to an arbitrary reference fixture. Default offset settings may be restored by selecting default offsets. Calibrating effects 1 Apply power but do not strike the lamp until zoom has been calibrated.

Select and press [Enter]. Adjust the offset until the face of the zoom lens plate is flush with the back edge of the focus plate Figure 6. Press [Enter] to save the setting. Replace the bottom head cover. To calibrate, set zoom, focus, iris, and tilt position for easy one-over-the-other comparison and set each fixture to the same pan DMX value.

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Select one fixture to be the reference fixture. On the other fixtures, select and press [Enter]. Adjust the offset as necessary to align the beam with the reference beam. To calibrate, set zoom, focus, iris, and pan position for easy side-by-side comparison and set each fixture to the same tilt DMX value. Hold a piece of paper over the lens. Set the offset to 0 and then increase it until light is clearly projected onto the paper.

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  4. Remove the paper. On each fixture, including the reference, select and press [Enter]. This adds a defined amount of cyan.